Tuesday, August 26, 2008


School has officially started! The kids all started the 2008-2009 school this morning and they were all very excited! Kenzie is a junior at Highland. I can't believe it! Where did the time go? She is dressed in her Pep Club uniform, isn't she cute? Kinnley is starting the 8th grade at Hillside. One more year of junior high and then off to high school. SCARY! Kennedy is in Ms. Zane's 4th grade class at Dilworth and is SO excited. She is with tons of friends andwill make many more. Caroline is starting 1st grade. I can't believe my baby is in school ALL DAY LONG. WOW!! Seriously where have the years gone? Here's to a fabulous school year!!

First Day Of School 2008-2009

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our sad attempt at fishing!

This summer has flown by and with me working, we haven't had much of a chance to do many fun things as a family. I decided that I would take the kids for an afternoon of fishing and fun. We went and bought new poles and lots of bait and headed up to Mirror Lake. It was going to be great! Going to be, is the key phrase here! The kids, all except Kenzie, were very excited and couldn't wait to use their new poles. We made it to Kamas and stopped for ice cream and homemade fries, always a must, then headed up the canyon. We made it to the lake and unloaded the car. We started to get the poles rigged up and discovered a few problems. One new pole was missing part of the reel and another new pole was jammed and broken. We were down to just one new pole and the trusty SpongeBob pole. The third new pole kept getting tangled and jammed when we would cast it so we gave up on that one. Who would have thought that the $14.99 SpongeBob special would have been the best rod? Well, we took turns with the only pole that worked and had no luck at catching "the big one." What a bummer. Notice Kenzie in the picture, she managed to sleep the entire time and miss out on all the excitement. Actually, she didn't miss much. Just a frustrated mom putting worms on the hook only to watch them fly off as the kids tried to cast the rods a little too hard. After a few discouraging hours the kids were done and we decided to go home. It wasn't quite the action packed afternoon I had planned but oh well. Maybe I'll get an "A" for effort!

Violin Super Stars!!

Tonight the girls had their annual gazebo violin recital. They all did such a great job! Kenzie has taken violin now for 8 years and is an exceptional violinist. Kennedy has taken for about 4 years and is now in Suzuki book three. Caroline has taken for about 9 months and has finally passed off "Twinkles" Hooray for her! We are very proud of our little violin girls!!