Friday, April 23, 2010


I can't believe that Kenzie is at her last Junior Prom tonight. Where has the time gone? She went with cute McKay, they make such a great couple! The next big event in her life will be graduation. WOW!!! I swear Mark and I are not old enough to have a daughter graduating! Kenz and all of her friends looked absolutely gorgeous. Have a great night girls!!

Caroline gets baptized!

Caroline finally turned 8 on March 18th. She has been so anxious about her baptism and it is finally here! "Poppy" (grandpa McDonald) baptized her and Grandpa Brent confirmed her. It was a great day with tons of family and friends to support her! We love you Liney!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Whole Family!!

This was taken during Caroline's birthday celebration at school. Not the greatest picture of any of us but at least you can see how big the kids are getting!

Let's celebrate Liney's 8th birthday at school!!

Cassie and Ashley asking Caroline questions. They are two of her very best friends!!
She got to play her violin for the class!
Mrs. Cahoon is such a great teacher. Caroline absolutely loves her!!!

The class is being very attentive as Caroline tells about her pictures

March 18th Caroline turned 8! Wow, she is getting so big! She got to make a poster about her family and all her favorite things. The whole family got to go to her classroom and watch her tell about her poster.

Caroline loves basketball!

Caroline has played basketball for 2 years now and she loves it! She is taking after Kennedy and holding nothing back! She has a darling team with lots of friends. They are a great team!

Kinnley absolutely loves lacrosse! These are some photos from his winter league. His team ended up winning the entire division. Good job boys!