Sunday, November 22, 2009



We love Halloween at the McDonald house! This year was no exception! Here are a few of the costumes and events of this Halloween season!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Vacations!!

Davis dancing as we sing Happy Birthday to his Daddy

Caroline and Brooke "Surfer girls"

Brooke and Liney playing in the waves

Crazy kids!

Grandma Taunnie Olivia and Kinnley

Grammy and Poppy

Kids on the boat

Kennedy and Liney

Kennedy and Mitchie

Kayli and Jeremy

Kayli and Jeremy WIPEOUT!!

Kayli and Cassie SUPERMAN!! Jeremy, Mr. Cool!


Jayden and Kinnley

Mitch, Coy and Coleman

Coy and Coleman

Coleman and McCoy see you later alligator!
Coleman and Coy HOLD ON! Kennedy bombs away!!
Kennedy and Chloe

Kinnley Skim boarding

Mia, Nerd,Caroline and Katie
Liney and DaddyGrace and Chase

Blow Harder Jason, there's a lot of candles on that cake!!

Kennedy...A what?

Caroline...A goof!


Surfer boys
Holli, Grace and Heidi digging for sand crabs
Kinnley and Hunter waxing the board

Kenz and our cute friend James from Connecticut

I'm so HOT I SIZZLE!!....

Holli Kim and Heidi

Davie and Daddy

Holli and Heather catching some rays!

Kimmy and Sawyer

Sawyer playing in the sand, you better watch out Davie!!

Davis digging in the sand

Hillary, Jason and Davis

Kim and Sawyer
Bailey and Kennedy the next girls to join the circus!
Brooke, Chase and Caroline, sandy kids!
Heddy, the next Baywatch girl?
It has been way too long since I have updated our blog. Summer is flying by and I thought I would bring you all up to speed on the McDonald family. We have just gotten home from a great trip to Newport Beach with the Scharman family. We always have such a fun time. It is truly one of the best trips we ever go on. This year everyone except Haley and her family, were able to be there. This meant tons of kids and tons of chaos. Isn't that what a family trip is though?? If chaos is how you measure the success of a trip, then we definitely got straight A's!! We love to hang out and play on the beach, the kids love playing in the waves, and of course you have to experience a blazing hot day at Disneyland, to make the trip complete. This year there we were able to enjoy the youngest kids that were to young to really enjoy the beach last year. Davis and Sawyer absolutely loved the beach and the water. Anthony didn't really love the water, but he had a great time playing in the sand. It is so fun to see the babies loving the ocean and experiencing the annual Newport vacation. I can't wait for next year to roll around so we can pack up and head back down!!

We also had the chance to go camping with the McDonald family. We always have so much fun camping and playing with our McDonald cousins. It is so great to spend some quality time with Grammy and Poppy as well. This year we went up to East Canyon. Holli had to work the night shift and Mark had to be to work early the next morning, so we left the kids to camp with their cousins. They had a wonderful time. (at least our kids did, you'll have to ask Shannon, Nikki, Grammy and Poppy if they did though) We spent the days on the lake waterskiing and riding on the biscuit. How no one gets hurt is beyond me. They get pummeled by the waves as they crash and jump over them on the biscuit. The crazy thing is that they just keep begging for more! We love getting to eat Poppy's yummy dutch oven dinners every year. He is the king of the dutch oven!! We love getting to spend time with all of our family and creating such wonderful memories that will last our lifetimes!