Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The two STUDS??

Caroline and Davie in the pool

A few of the 90 or so friends that showed up for Kenzie and McKay's birthday bash!

Kenzie and McKay's birthdays are just a day apart. We threw a huge combined party for them. It was a blast. Happy Birthday guys! We love you both!!
Kenz turns 18...UGHHHH!
Caroline loves her big sister!

Playing in the stream at Spring Haven


Katie, Olivia and Mia

Hillary, Jason and Davie. (Jason you forgot to open your eyes! haha)

Some of the family at SPRING HAVEN. One of our FAVORITE vacations ever!

Jumie, Heidi, Katie and Mia

Kenz and the girls from the neighborhood

Mom and Kinnley on his 15th birthday
We love cute Taydon

Now there's trouble!
Kristy, Poppy, Grammy and NikkiLittle Lacrosse manCutest cousins ever

Summer has come and gone and we are left with many fun memories of the Summer of 2010. We've had lots of pool parties, sleepovers, vacations and super late nights. I am pretty sure that not a day went by when we didn't have friends or cousins over to swim, which inevitably would lead to a sleepover. That's what Summer is all about though! These are just some random photos from the past 3 months!

More Pictures of Graduation

Kenz and a few cute friends!

With Grandma Jan and Grandpa Brent

It's official!!

Kenzie Graduates!!

I Can't believe that my baby is GRADUATING. Where has the time gone? We are so proud of Kenz and the amazing example she is to her siblings, cousins and friends. We have been so lucky to have such a great daughter that we don't have to worry (too much) about. We are so blessed and lucky that she has such a good sense of right and wrong. We are even more blessed that she knows exactly what she wants to do and is determined to accomplish her goal of being an amazing Orthopedic Surgeon. Here's to the next 14 years of college! Wish us all luck! We LOVE you Kenz!!

Friday, April 23, 2010


I can't believe that Kenzie is at her last Junior Prom tonight. Where has the time gone? She went with cute McKay, they make such a great couple! The next big event in her life will be graduation. WOW!!! I swear Mark and I are not old enough to have a daughter graduating! Kenz and all of her friends looked absolutely gorgeous. Have a great night girls!!

Caroline gets baptized!

Caroline finally turned 8 on March 18th. She has been so anxious about her baptism and it is finally here! "Poppy" (grandpa McDonald) baptized her and Grandpa Brent confirmed her. It was a great day with tons of family and friends to support her! We love you Liney!!