Sunday, July 20, 2008

We are so excited to get a chance to go to Cleveland for Ali's baptism! The kids have all had a chance to go visit once before, but, this will be my first time. We have had a great time. We have eaten way too much . Brandon seems to always be cooking up some huge meal. Our first night there we went to the famous Mitchell's ice cream! Yep, it was as amazing as we have heard! We all felt a little sick but boy was it worth it! Ali got baptized on Saturday. It was a great day! She looked very pretty in her white dress! She was very excited and we were so happy to be there. We have stayed around the house and played and played! The kids love catching "fire bugs" at night and watching the bunnies that roam freely. There are even deer that live in the backyard. The kids are amazed by this. All we have at home are cats and dogs roaming the streets. I think we have ripped off! Sunday we went to church and then to Cracker Barrel, (did I mention its a little hick -ville here?) where Haley an Brandon live it is beautiful with big homes and huge yards, but on the outskirts of town....let's just say overalls and a few less than a full mouth of teeth are the norm! (I'm kidding!) Kenz met a girl named Taylor and they made cookies today and went to see Mama Mia. She seems to make friends wherever she goes. She's not my shy Kenz anymore! We will attempt to go home tomorrow, the kids aren't very happy about that but, we have lessons and chores to get home to. We are off to Spring Haven this weekend so we need to catch up before we leave again. Congratulations Ali!! We are so proud of you and so happy that you turned 8 so we could come and visit!! Oh , by the way, while we have been here Caroline lost her very first tooth!! She was a little scared at first, but now she love sticking straws through it and talking funny. The tooth fairy brought her $5.00 we told her that she usually only brings that much on the first tooth, hopefully a dollar or two for the ones to follow!

Ali's baptism and our trip to Cleveand